Ben Pu – Software Developer

Ben Pu enjoys working as a software developer, using his creative side to make computer programs. He develops the applications that allow users to do certain tasks on computers or other devices. In a typical day, Pu takes care of a variety of tasks including:

  • Analyze client’s needs and then create, design, test and develop software that meets those needs
  • Upgrade clients existing programs and software
  • Create each piece of a system or application and figure out how all the pieces work together
  • Make sure that every program functions normally when performing software testing and maintenance
  • Keep track of every single aspect of a system or application as a reference point for future upgrades and maintenance
  • Works with a team or collaborates with computer specialist in order to create optimum software

In fact, as a software developer, Pu is able to take charge of the entire development process, from how the customer intends to use the software to designing the actual program. This includes identifying the core functionality, user requirements (like performance needs or security) and eventually working with programmers to code and test the software.

There can be many stages in the software development process, especially if the program doesn’t work as expected or if it is difficult to use. In most cases, it takes a few tries to get the program just right, from fixing bugs to improving the functionality of the program. Furthermore, after the program is released, software developers are still working on upgrades or general maintenance. Ben Pu works closely with a team of programmers to make sure the software turns out just right.